Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Give your website or blog a unique feel and look with a Free Banner. Instant Banner Creator offers you many different styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Easily create a Free Banner with your own logo with the Instant Banner Creator

The Instant Banner Creator also offers you ten Free Buttons, Hearders, Footers, Animated Gifs and Peel Away Ads
to easily embed into your website HTML code.

Free advertising tools do work to help you attract and keep your visitors longer to you website.

Create a Free Banner or Button and link your blog, article or website to it. Fun, free and easy to use.

Below are a handful of Free Banners and Buttons I have created and use to promote my many different articles, blogs and websites.

HTML Hit Counter
HTML Hit Counter

Using additional free advertising methods and techniques to help you expand to grow your Internet business is all within your reach. The web has endless of free resources to help you get your Internet business up and running. Click Here For Additional Free Tips and Tricks To Help Your Internet Business Grow

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Pharases and Words To Help You Sell

Are you in need of marketing phrases and words? Implementing basic target keywords and phrases can help you create an eye catching sign or banner. While creating your free banner or logo why not take a lot at some of the most popular phrases and words that can help you draw attention to your creation. Phrases and Words That Help You Sell

If you like the Instant Banner Creator I also have a few other free advertising tools which I use to promote online. Just like the Instant Banner Creator they are all easy to use and easy to embed the HTML code into your websites HTML or website builder. HeaderAds, SlideUpAds, and ExitPolls.


  1. Banners are essential in promoting services and business. There are a number of ways how we can make our own flag with different types of materials to promote our business and services.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for commenting.

      This is a very old dated blog that I created when I started online. I will eventually edit it or take it down.

      I have several websites and a up-to-date blog. If you take a look you will realize I've come a long way and feel a lot of the information I share is valuable to growing an Internet Business.


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